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The Abyss
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As I looked in mirror of fate
The vision showed my future life
I walked inside the abyss gate
And no longer was alive
I felt my soul in new reborn
My darkened dream became too strong
I found myself here not alone
Among the crawling painful throng

My dream of darkness waits for me
It is my passion to be free

I have seen the sun light
That was my angel
He was sliding from the height
Dressed in white stranger
He came to take me
With him to clear skies
My time has come to die
And I closed my eyes

The freezing wind is blowing from behind
The feeling of inevitability maniacally moves me
Closer to my dream that will be fulfilled enough
Under this blackened mysterious sky
I do not hear request I ignore bright light
No one will stop me now to realize my wish
Forever smelling darkness I will enjoy my choice
In the abyss - the storage of sign and souls
The last step and warm air from inside
Heats up my body in my falling down

My falling down made me cry
But pain I have felt no more
My body was encaged to die
But soul've got the evil lore
And when I closed the gate
I saw the last sign of the sun
For my returning is too late
The endless darkness had begun

My dream of darkness waits for me
It is my passion to be free

I bent over the edge
But I felt a sudden bless
Life seems like a cruel cage
My soul tormented needs the rest
The abyss calls to jump inside
The human being's strange to me
Enthralling darkness charms my mind
The pit is my destiny
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