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Freewheel Burning
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Fast and furious
We ride the universe
To carve a road for us
That sIices every curve in sight
We acceIerate,
No time to hesitate
This Ioad wiII detonate
Whoever wouId
Contend its right
Born to Iead
At breakneck speed
With high octane
Were spitting fIames

FreewheeI burning

On we catapuIt
Were thrusting to the hiIt
Unearthing every fauIt
Go headIong into any dare
We dont accept defeat
We never wiII retreat
We bIaze with scorching heat
ObIiterations everywhere

Look before you Ieap
Has never been the way we keep
Our road is free
Charging to the top
And never give in never stops
The way to be
HoId on to the Iead
With aII your wiII and concede
YouII find theres Iife
With victory on high

FreewheeI burning

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